Adventure Trip – Wanderlust Wellness Long Weekends

Travel adventures are trips conducted by our staff to get first hand view of great trips. They related their experiences and to help plan a great trip!

Wanderlust Festivals are Wellness Festivals focused on the concept and activities of mindful living. They include Yoga, Meditation, Hiking and Adventure activities and lectures. The organisation has a core group of people from their New Jersey or California offices who work at each festival and they bring in local yoga and meditation instructors and hiking guides and speakers. At night they have an eclectic group of musicians who play and perform.

Where Are the Festivals & How Do I Book?

They have long weekend festivals in the Sunshine Coast in Australia, Oahu in Hawaii, Snowshoe Valley in Wyoming, Stratton in Vermont, Squaw Valley Lake Tahoe in California, Whistler in British Columbia, and Tremblant in Quebec. Clearly, Wanderlust festivals are always in beautiful and tranquil surroundings that lend themselves to a positive spirit.

You have to book a hotel or lodging and transportation yourself. You also should buy a ticket to Wanderlust which allows you to choose up to 3 different guided activities a day from Yoga, Mediation, Hiking or other adventures. Often, you are pretty tired after two activities

What Are the Attendees and Instructors Like?

The age of the attendees range from early 20s to 60s. Generally, they are open minded and interested people who are focused on wellness and fitness. The fellow attendees very accommodating and are very pleasant to be around.

The Wanderlust head office team who travels with the festivals seemed ill-informed. Most of our questions were answered with “I don’t know”, “I am new”, and when we asked for some contact info to support this write up, we were told “I don’t have any contact information”.

On the other hand, our experience with the local guides was excellent. They are all pretty passionate and strong in their expertise and they are looking to maintain a relationship with you, the customer, to keep your wellness practises going. Sometimes they offer online courses or skype follow up meetings, or are actively askingyou to join a local class. So if you want to attend a festival, focus on a location that is generally in your area or make it an add on to a longer vacation.

If you are interested in improving your general happiness meter, consider attending a Wanderlust festival. You leave feeling empowered and positive.

Here are some Pictures from the Wanderlust Festival in Mont Tremblant Quebec Canada!

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